New Beginings…Old Pain


   I was discussing this evning with a dear friend a little about God’s forgiveness…how it is so complete~ and yet however since we are not perfect like our Lord is, that even with in that love, acceptance and completeness we can receive, there are still certian practical things that need to take place in onces heart and their actions need to, or should~line up with it when there is a repentant desire in one’s life, and the need for change.

   I am the first to share or say that I completely flub up and have many battle scars from falling flat on my face whenever I have not stayed away, or made serious and honestly purposful provisions to stay away from a sinful attitude, action or area of sin that I have struggled with in my own life.  It can cause a lot of hurt inside~as well as with in relationships, and lasting consequences that can be painful and even be used as a source for more laziness from the overwhelming realization of another failure if adjustments aren’t made in my/our behaviors.

   So as I am sharing this with you, one of the things on my mind is our children, and teens. Mine and yours…all of ours…and how to help if they go off track.

   For a period of time, and when I think it was needed the most~I got away from this very thing when it should have remained my number one priority in regard to my oldest son. For my youngest, his main issuses revalved around his health, and serious medical concerns. When he needed something, he was always cared for by doctors as well as my husband and I. He’s had many surgeries, proceedures, tests and infections…he has CF, and a g-tube. Asthma, EE and gastroparesis and went through a really difficult time eating/not eating anything by mouth for many years.  We all knew him, his body and challenges so when things were going on with him, or he’d get sick it would be often fairly obvious. Many visable/physical signs were there…vomiting, fevers, GI problems…needing antibiotics etc.

  With my older son things were different. On the outside, physically he was strong. Yet, he had things he needed as well but because they weren’t as visable and often in my view at the time would feel as though it was burried in a bad attitude, laziness or ‘behavioral issues/rebellion’ I missed many opportunities to really help him. I know I can’t take the complete blame for everything, he was older and things~when things began to really excalate, however I didn’t diligently find him the help I should have with regard to specific therapy, counseling etc. I did get them for him, but not as in-depth as I could have, had I have the proper information.  So this is one of the bigger reasons I am writting this. To share resources, hopefully get a chance to maybe in some small way offer some support in a place I wasn’t find it for years because I didn’t know the correct phrases to put into a search engine or request from a insurance company: MAL ADAPTIVE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 


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