What a mess…

What a mess...

Have you ever been going through a particually difficult time in your life when even when you are reading the Word, praying or have been in fellowship at church you are still just incredbily numb? Maybe it’s just me.

One thing I have been learning and remembering constantly is we can’t trust our feelings, emotions and just what something’s ‘seeming to be’ due to the present circumstances as a accurate gauge of how deep God’s love is for us. God is always working in our lives, leading and loving us. I’ve honestly been going through some of the hardest times in my life personally in the past 20 yrs, rathr than the first 22 even though those were honestly pretty tramatic as well. It’s felt like one long series of tests, bad jokes from someone with a very dark sence of humor and in general like someone has been holding my face jsut inches away from a propeller of a airplane for several years.

Yet even through this, God’s been gental, kind, full of renewal and tons of compassion. Just an out pouring of His generosity again and again. It would almost be annoying~not on His side, but mine for my apathetic moments of letting my spritual life be so silent~ when He’s all my put a billboard sign in front of me at times saying I see you & know you’re here. I love you.

Can you relate at all?